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Learn to perfect your video-making skills anytime, and at your own pace. Hundreds of video tutorials for all levels make learning fun and easy. Expert instruction will give you the skills to make high-quality videos... whether it's making great videos of the kids or becoming the next great video-content creator.

Perfect your Skills with the NYVS Community.

Tap into an immense community of video-making experience and take your skills to the next level. Accelerate your talent development by getting real feedback from expert instructors and connecting with other content creators. Share your work, discuss your ideas and celebrate your successes!

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Now that you've got the video-making skills, stake your claim as one of the next great content creators. Join the thriving video-making movement and discover unlimited opportunities to make your mark on the digital world. Find video contests and festivals, collaborate with other filmmakers, spawn your own projects and start a video career.

Learn from expert instructors that have worked with top media networks

Popular Subjects

Learn video foundational skills:

Learn about getting started with shooting and producing video and how to select your initial equipment.

Learn how to find and tell compelling stories, put your video together in a way that captures your audience, and shoot with great coverage on your story.

Learn about the basics of shooting techniques on various platforms: standard camera, Flip Cam, and iPhone.

Learn about the fundamentals of video editing and how to edit video using various programs, such as Final Cut Pro and Adobe CS4.

Then learn everything you need to know about:

Video Making Basics

Learn basic to advanced video making techniques that will have you making amazing videos in no time.

Music Video

Learn all about making your own music videos, from preparation to shooting to marketing.

Video Production

Learn everything about video production, from the basics of producing video to how to be successful as a video producer.

YouTube Video

Making your own YouTube video is easy! We have expert tips on making your YouTube video awesome.

Video Journalism

Learn practical tips for video journalists, including equipment and budgeting projects.

Final Cut Pro

Learn how to use Final Cut and Final Cut Pro in these editing training courses.


Learn how to use Apple iMovie to capture your video and create a DVD.


Learn about videography, from how to tell a great story to how to make money as a videographer.

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"I want a film education but I can’t afford NYU, UCLA, USC but for the fraction of the cost, I can learn everything I need to know from iMovie, Final Cut, Adobe Premiere... I can learn it all and more at NYVS."

- TopAbott

"What I really love about NYVS is the fact when I upload videos I am going get feedback from trained professionals."

- Susanamatos

"With a click of a mouse I was connected to a community of filmmakers and enthusiasts from all around the world."

- chriskohatsu

NYVS Instructors

Our Instructors are video professionals with decades of experience who have taught over 20,000 people worldwide. They are here to help you learn by answering your questions and providing helpful feedback.


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