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The Saturday Shooter's Alley

Posted on May 28th, 2011 Written on darkallison's blog
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I have a confession to make. I live in Boston which is one of the East Coast's most beautiful cities. Only second to New York where I grew up. Photographing this stunning city is just  too  easy. The following picture of one  my favorite  scrap metal sculptures (the pretty woman below)was taken yesterday with my LG Rumor Touch phone camera at the Stonybrook Fine Arts Gallery in Jamaica Plain (which is a small art community within Boston) and quickly color adjusted with GIMP (a free image editor)

Tags : Boston , art , photography , LG , Rumor , Touch , Linux , Gimp

Tips and Tricks

Posted on May 27th, 2011 Written on jfinnigan's blog
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Transitions In general you shouldn't use anything but the basics, nothing screams amatur more than a page turn transition. Stick to transitions like cross-dislove, dip to black, dip to white & film dissolve   Audio you should turn off AGC (Auto gain control) on your camera, because it will cause hissing during the quiet parts, or peaks if it gets loud. run your audio manually. if you have a limiter or ALC on your camera you should turn it on, this keeps your audio from peaking. In Post you shou

Friday Free Resources for film makers

Posted on May 27th, 2011 Written on darkallison's blog
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  Today is Friday, May 26,2011 and I'm starting a free resource page and resource finder for all of the no budget digital filmakers out there. My resource today is frugal film maker at . I love this site! Where else can you learn to make a under 20 dollar shoulder mount for your camera? You can also learn some really neat hacks to extend the life and usefulness of your flip cam; including how to make a deadcat for a flip camera mic and recently how to use an eleven

So there was a weird little girl named Allison who was manic and bought a digital video camera...

Posted on May 26th, 2011 Written on darkallison's blog

because her most beloved wanted to shout his tech rants at the whole world. But she had no clue how to shoot and edit his tech rants so she stumbled upon a website called NYVS..."Hey, when I was sixteen  I had a dream of shooting movies and being a big name war time video journalist...maybe I can at least learn to edit my honey bunny's rants..."And then she learned that she might have the talent to do this...This is her journey...This is our begining as Turtle's Tech Corner and this is where it

IMovie. VS. Pro Editing APPs - Round 1

Posted on May 18th, 2011 Written on Khadijah's blog
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If it wasn't for iMovie I was sure to have gotten an "F"  on my first Film making course!  Expecting a first year Film Maker student to understand the complexities  of a PROFESSIONAL Film Making app is like asking them to take physics 101 before algebra 101!  It's INSANE!  iMovie's editing  is far more simplistic in its explanations,  provide the same quality finish and gives you the same tools for less the cost!  So, why bother with paying an outrageous price for the headache you're sure to get

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