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MY MEMORIES OF MY LIFE IN AUSCHWITZ ....courtesy of Wikipedia

Posted on September 30th, 2013 Written on michael's blog

  Well, there goes the whole theory of 'crowd sourcing'. I don't have much of a Wikipedia entry (feel free to add to it if you like - everyone else does).. but for several years it has been the focus of some ridiculous and intense 'editing' (and not by me). Edit... change...  edit... change... edit... change. For a long time the locus of this redaction was in the first line.   "Michael Rosenblum is a Jewish TV Producer".  I would take out "Jewish", they (w

New Moneymaking Opportunities in Online Video - and our Bootcamp in NY

Posted on September 27th, 2013 Written on michael's blog
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  It's a whole new world for moneymaking in the world of online video. We are at the dawning of a new age -  Cable networks are worried. And Netflix is only the leading edge - they show what could be done. So this is GOING TO HAPPEN. And you should be among the first to take advantage of it Learn how to be the John Hendricks* of the online video revolution. Bootcamp in New York, at The Museum Tower, atop the Musuem of Modern Art and across the street from

The Increasingly Short Atten...... BORING! (sorry)

Posted on September 25th, 2013 Written on michael's blog

  Cody Johns on VINE NOW THIS NEWS, the one year old online news service, potential heir to the New York Times or NBC Nightly News, except entirely online announced this week that it has hired Cody Johns as its first entirely VINE-driven 'videojournalist'. VINE, of course, is the latest maybe flash in the pan or maybe $1 billion heir to Instagram (who can tell anymore?) that allows anyone to produce 6 second videos with i

Tags : VINE , Cody , Johns , Jerry , Nachman , NY1

Why The Middle Class Is Getting Killed Off

Posted on September 24th, 2013 Written on michael's blog

I am reading the excellent "Wilson" by A. Scott Berg, the definitive biography of President Woodrow Wilson.  Wilson was in many ways the first 'modern' President - first press conferences, first to visit Europe, a lover of golf, movies and women. WIlson was also our first and only PhD president, a Princeton prof (and President of the University) who only entered politics at the age of 55. Two years later he was President of the United States. Although electe

The Ubiquity of Video

Posted on September 20th, 2013 Written on michael's blog

  Suddenly, it's everywhere In 1990, SONY wanted to put a giant video screen they called the Jumbotron at the southern end of Times Square. It was, at the time, cutting edge technology.  Measuring 42 feet x 23 feet, it was actually a collection of dozens of smaller screens, the images coordianted by a computer. When the Jumbotron first went up, broadcasting actual video, there was a great deal of concern that it would cause automobile accidents or at leasts t

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