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Where Have you Been All My Life?

Posted on September 27th, 2011 Written on Rebecca's blog

Do you like this?
All my life is a stretch but a month ago it would have been nice to have found these courses. When will I learn? Read the instructions first. Something I have never embraced.

Now I have four hours of footage shot in LA ...the audio is bad, the footage includes miles and miles of landscape shots (it looked so good out the car window.. ), I figured out ND filter in the middle of Sunset Strip at 9:30 at night, bought a levalier mic. mid-trip but did not account for wind noise at the sidewalk table at Mel’s Diner. I only figured out F-stop two days ago.  And why in the holy hell is the background so sharp and my subject out of focus??

So much for the Kardashian spoof we were shooting. One of the most damning realizations in all of this is seeing my face on film.  When did I get so doughy? When did I stop moving my lips when I talk? Looks like I am holding something in my jaw like nuts or golf balls. And was that shot of me standing on a chair at the Griddle just some kind of cruel exercise to make me feel like a fat fuck?  Evil.

Okay. So. Back on a diet. I will make something of this footage. It won’t be a Kardashian spoof. It will just be another home movie. Or just a little better, maybe. I’m gonna need a Xanax.

4 comment(s)

12:15 am Thursday
Oct 6, 2011
All true.. I agree that everybody I know hates the way they look on film. I did get some good footage in LA so the challenge will be the editing.. luckily there will be tons of tape I won't mind leaving out..

1:30 am Wednesday
Oct 5, 2011
Just think how much you learned by doing this project. After my first video shoot I carelessly misplaced the SD card that contained my footage. I found it after 30 minutes. I wish someone would have shot video of me during those 30 minutes. It would have made a good story. I'll never do THAT again! When I first saw myself on video, I cringed. I now realize that the vast majority of us feel that way. Welcome to the club :-)

9:38 am Tuesday
Sep 27, 2011
Thank you..

9:29 am Tuesday
Sep 27, 2011
pretty funny. if you can insert this humor into the video, I think you'll do just fine :)