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How To Make A Living With Your Video Camera

Posted on April 30th, 2011 Written on michael's blog

Do you like this?

A unique opportunity in LA?

There is no point in training people to be proficient in video if they can't find a way to earn a living with it.

Of course, not everyone who comes here is looking to make money, but if you are, then I think it is our responsibility to help you to do that.

And that's what we are going to dedicate ourselves to doing.

Sometimes this means creating new businesses where none existed before - like what we are trying to do with used car videos.

Other times, it means making connections for our members.

And that's what we're doing now.

Yesterday, I had lunch with Rick Feldman.

He is the CEO of NATPE, that's the National Association of Television Producers and Executive.

It's the biggest trade organization for TV producers and emerging media companies in the US.

Founded in 1964, it brings together media buyers, broadcast and cable networks and channels looking to acquire programming, program distribution companies, financiers, advertisers, technology companies, and content producers.

We are content producers.

And now we are talking with NATPE about ways that we can work together.

One of our most popular series both on nyvs and when we do the live webcasts is 'how to make a living in the business' and 'how to pitch your TV shows'.

Now NATPE is offering you a unique opportunity.

This June (9-10), NATPE is going to be holding a really unique event in Los Angeles - Pitchcon.

It's a place where you can start making those all important connections that lead to a deal.

And it's designed specificaly for up and coming producers who want to 'break into' the business.

If it's your goal to produce TV shows for cable or movies, then this is the must attend event for you.

And we're going to be there as well - running a seminar or two!

So join us and get a real edge of the LA contacts you're going to need to succeed in the business.

Tags : Pitchcon , NATPE
1 comment(s)

5:20 am Wednesday
May 4, 2011
That's a great one and i reckone it is fantastic but of what benefit would it be for someone that resides in the UK like me?