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Let's Talk Some More About What We're Already Talking About

Posted on May 15th, 2011 Written on michael's blog

Do you like this?


And now.. even more of the same….

The web is the place where you never have to meet an opinion you don’t agree with….

One of the great things about a book or a newspaper is that you are confronted with opinions you might not agree with, and with stories and ieas that you might not have thought about before.

While the web is a limitless ocean of content, there is no confrontation with the unknown.

That’s one of its greatest problems.

One of the greatest benefits of something like a nightly linear newscast it that it can take you to stories you might not have thought of or even heard about.

Of course, in the mad rush for ratings, this happens less and less… but it does still happen.. on occasion. And that is no bad thing.

Now, to make sure that that kind of serendipitous education doesn’t happen at all, CBS News is launching a show about what we are already atlking about – trending things on Twitter.


making the trivial even more trivial.. if that’s possible.

This latest piece of Death by Banality is called “What’s Trending”.

It’s a whole show devoted to talking about what we are already talking about.

And so, the intellectual circle of public discourse in America draws perilously smaller and smaller

A bit like whirlpool sucking down the mind of the nation…

But wait…

Ashton Kutcher is going to replace….


No longer Trending…


Forget it.

And just what is currently Trending on Twitter at this moment?

#youwerecooluntil , #heyjustin , #seenomore , English GCSE ,

ProudOfJoeJonas , DB5K , MC1123 , RowlingsArmy , ExcitedForOtherside , OrgulhoNXZERO

And there you have it.

The rundown for NBC Nightly News it is not.

But perhaps, in search of ratings, it should be.

As I said a long time ago, I am buying a farm in England for a reason.

Tags : Trending , CBS , Twitter