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worth doing

Posted on September 22nd, 2010 Written on vernonakaarashi's blog

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we often bwelieve that once wwe've created something that the procerss ehnds there.  But it dordn't.  After receing critique and feedback, it is worth the effort to revise, re-edit and post again.  After receing some great feedback, I am now back in the cutting room t9o re-edot Bearded Lady.  Thanks for being a great and suupportive community.  Michael has convinced me as wellto get my cameraout and do some true video wotk.  But then I haven't tjhe vaguest idea whatg to shoot, so I'll just create some footage and see whnat comes out in the cutting room.  But I still belikeve thty using noinvideo resources is a worthwhile approach and I wnt to explore ays of improving thr ptovrdd.

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