All Comments on "2010 LA Auto Show" uploaded by skip91604

7:35 pm Wednesday
Dec 29, 2010
Skip, SO well done! Everything flowed so gracefully...stable shooting, perfect editing and your voice/narration all worked to create this very professional piece! So nice to see your talented work! Helpful Not Helpful
11:38 pm Wednesday
Dec 22, 2010
skip91604's, I was wondering if you ever had intermittent static audio when using the snowball mic? I purchased one a week ago and have intermittent static that I cannot figure out what is causing it. Several threads on the internet talk about the same thing. I am close to bringing it back to BestBuy. Helpful Not Helpful
11:42 pm Thursday
Dec 16, 2010
Fantastic highlight video! Solid narration, great great shots, good editing. Helpful Not Helpful
12:36 pm Tuesday
Dec 14, 2010
Shooting was excellent Skip! Edited very well and sound was perfectly controlled. The one thing I didn't connect with was the "story" - there seemed to several themes and I never found center. Overall, very nice. Helpful Not Helpful
9:22 pm Friday
Dec 10, 2010
Nice video skip. Was this handheld? The shots are so stable. If not handheld, what kind of stabilizing equipment where you using? Helpful Not Helpful
11:50 am Friday
Dec 10, 2010
Great video Skip, very well done! Like Hammy1, what type of microphone/audio equipment were you using to do your voice over audio? Helpful Not Helpful
11:24 am Friday
Dec 10, 2010
I agree with Hammy1, the narration is very smooth. Nice clean shots as well. Helpful Not Helpful
11:13 am Friday
Dec 10, 2010
Hi Skip91604 - This video was really well done. Did you create this video for fun or was this a promotion that was used for the LA Auto Show? Helpful Not Helpful
5:07 am Wednesday
Dec 8, 2010
Hi, I am impressed with the clear narration sound. Could you tell me what the trick is to get the great deep rich sound? If you are interested I have a car video called Pride in Michigan Made Cars on the NYVS site. Helpful Not Helpful