All Comments on "Don't go to Film School by Timothy Swaan" uploaded by dternan

5:57 pm Tuesday
Jan 17, 2012
Slam dunk!! I've been to film school and although you get to pick your own classes, the homework assignments are deplorable! I didn't get into film to write essays! so, yeah, nyvs fills in the gaps for sure. Video at my pace and skill level. All students are teachers. Sweet! Helpful Not Helpful
6:13 pm Monday
Mar 7, 2011
When I saw this video on youtube, I decided to join nyvs. I had no idea it was a student film. very professional. It reminded me so much of the atmosphere in my acting classes. What a bunch of haters! haha Good job. Helpful Not Helpful
6:40 pm Wednesday
Dec 15, 2010
Great video, great ad, congratulation! Helpful Not Helpful
8:11 am Friday
Jul 23, 2010
Excellent vantage on how absurd and non-specific other wannabe's critique is. Helpful Not Helpful
7:43 am Friday
Jul 23, 2010
I love this commercial! It shold be on the front page of NYVidSchool, shouldn't it? Why not rotate the top 3 on the home page? 1 : Helpful Not Helpful
11:06 pm Thursday
Jul 22, 2010
this video is awesome. It needs a better bumper at the end, but the content of the spot is great. 1 : Helpful Not Helpful
11:10 am Thursday
Jul 22, 2010
Also check out Tongal's interview with Tim about how he created this commercial. Helpful Not Helpful