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Courses > Adobe After Effects Basics
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Adobe After Effects Basics

Instructor: Tiffany Burnett
Level III \ Duration 72:28 \ Released Nov 8, 2010

This Adobe After Effects Course will teach you to create motion graphics and visual effects with Adobe After Effects.  Get started working by learning the ins and outs of how to work with the interface, importing footage to work with, and begin to edit animations, effects, and graphics.  Learn how to work with Templates and Text.  This Adobe After Effect Tutorial will also teaches you to about previewing and rendering the work you've done, and outputting a final product.

About the Instructor

Tiffany Burnett

I work as a digital filmmaker - producing, shooting, and editing video content here in New York City.  I've worked primarily producing travel content for the Travel Channel; but also work as a shooter/producer for various companies like the New York Post, Travelistic, and Current TV. I've found video to be the most effective form of storytelling, and I love the challenge of using something as simple as my camera and laptop to deliver a strong and meaningful message.

Lesson Viewed / Completed Duration
Getting Started Comments (13) 2:40

A look at what you'll learn in the following basic Adobe After Effects lessons, and learn to create and save a project.

Workspace Comments (8) 3:53

An overview of available workspaces, and learn how to customize and create your own.

Import & Organize Comments (6) 5:14
In this lesson you'll learn about importing, organizing, and using folders.
Compositions Comments (2) 7:37
Learn various ways to create compositions and work with layers in those compositions.
The Tool Bar Comments (0) 8:56
In this lesson the function of each tool in the tool bar is discussed.
Animation Basics Comments (0) 4:57

Now that previous lessons familiarized you with the interface, start animating by learning the basics of animating an object.

Basic Effects Comments (2) 7:36
Tiffany shows you how to start adding effects to your footage.
Custom Workspace Comments (1) 6:01
Learn how to customize the layout of your workspace to best fit your needs.
Templates Comments (1) 6:14

A look at how to add and browse templates in After Effects.

Working with Text Comments (3) 9:42
Add and work with text in your composition, and learn to use motion templates.
Preview Your Work Comments (2) 5:09

Learn ways to preview the work that you've done and use the RAM Preview.

Render & Output Comments (1) 4:29

Tiffany shows you how to render and export your finished composition.