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Basic Camera by Francisco Aliwalas

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What does internal full mean?
Started by : FrankForcell
Views : 2084
Courses : 5
Added on : Apr 10, 2011

How do I access where appears to be filled with photos and how do I empty it. My chip fits my camera perfectly. Although it is from another camera, but it does not hold anything? Lost my mfg.'s book? Do not remember ever receiving a chip with this new…
Nice Intro Course.
Started by : RobTaylor
Views : 1146
Courses : 1
Added on : May 19, 2012

Forced myself to start at the very beginning as I want to do this properly. Whilst this is a really basic overview and intro, I picked up a couple of "nuggets" - key one is not to zoom whilst filming. Obvious when you think about it! I now see that pro-use…
need lighing help
Started by : janwmoore
Views : 965
Courses : 0
Added on : Jan 25, 2013

I'm a novice & was given the job as the videographer at my church to shoot our local tv show. The videos are very dark. We have lots of stage lighting but dark background & curtains and sometimes the lights are dimmed during prayer. We tried adding more…