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Topic : What does internal full mean?

Started by FrankForcell on Apr 10, 2011 at 11:36 pm

How do I access where appears to be filled with photos and how do I empty it. My chip fits my camera perfectly. Although it is from another camera, but it does not hold anything? Lost my mfg.'s book? Do not remember ever receiving a chip with this new camera is this usual with new camera?


9:35 am Thursday
May 26, 2011
You might just need to move your files from whatever storagte media you are using (my Sony does this ALL THE TIME)onto your computer or burn a disc. You basically need to find what ytou options are to move video from your camera to an external source for storage and since I don't know what camera you have I can't answer this in full. 1 : Helpful Not Helpful
11:06 am Tuesday
Apr 19, 2011
Sounds like you may have two issues: One, you need to check the manual to see how to format your camera's internal memory. Formatting your camera will erase everything that's on the camera's internal memory and re-build the file structure so that's its 'fresh'. Two, you need to find out how to set the camera to record to your memory card (the chip). Once you find the manual online, I'd check these two things. 1 : Helpful Not Helpful
11:03 am Tuesday
Apr 19, 2011
Hi FrankForcell, What kind of camera do you have? You can also do an internet search for a .pdf of the camera manual. Most are available for free online. Helpful Not Helpful
1:03 pm Tuesday
Apr 12, 2011
Lost my mfg.'s book? Simple question what does it mean "Internal Full" when I press the start and stop button. And, in the same instance when I press the button on movie. It reads no files. I am at the point to order the DSLR and the flip mino HD. This disabled veteran thanks you for your patience. Lelyn Helpful Not Helpful
10:45 am Tuesday
Apr 12, 2011
Just check out your instruction booklet man, it'll tell you what kind of memory card the camera takes. Helpful Not Helpful