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Courses > Compressor 4 for FCP X
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Compressor 4 for FCP X

Instructor: Kelly Korzan
Level III \ Duration 8:20 \ Released Aug 18, 2011

Compressor 4 makes it fast and easy to customize export settings for Final Cut Pro X.  This tutorial teaches you the ins and out of this powerful encoding software for FCP X.

About the Instructor

Kelly Korzan

Kelly Korzan is Head of Training for NYVS. She has taught video journalism all over the world including BBC England, Dutch Public Television, WKRN in San Diego, KRON in San Francisco and most recently for the Travel Channel Academy. She has also been an editor for over 15 years in New York and LA. Some of her credits include the Emmy Award winning "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" for Bravo, PBS's acclaimed reality series "Frontier House", MTV's "True Life", and the "5 Takes" series for the Travel Channel.

Suggested Prerequisites

No prerequisites
Lesson Viewed / Completed Duration
Compressor 4 Introduction and Basic Terms Comments (0) 1:38
An introduction to Compressor 4.
Compressor 4 Using Batch Templates Comments (0) 4:38
A look at using Batch Templates to encode media in Compressor 4.
Compressor 4 Manual Setups Comments (0) 2:04
A look at using Manual Setups in Compressor 4.