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Final Cut Pro 6 - Basics by Francisco Aliwalas

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Started by : chandlerarellano
Views : 424
Courses : 0
Added on : Jan 15, 2014

I am trying to log and transfer from a mini dv tape but when I do, it capture my different clips into one hour long clip instead of individual ones. How do I get it to capture each clip into individual ones?
Started by : PAPATOLIOS
Views : 1139
Courses : 3
Added on : Dec 30, 2010

The courses are very clear and helpful. Id like to understand "rendering". When to do it. How to manage it. Can i save rendered clips or i have to render every time i use it. Please help.

Thank you!

Green/Blue Screen
Started by : Kenny87
Views : 1010
Courses : 2
Added on : Dec 29, 2009

I pretty much understand this courses, but I would like to learn of how to mess with green/blue screen where you use the chroma keyer to change the background into something different.