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Final Cut Pro 6 - Basics by Francisco Aliwalas

Topic : Green/Blue Screen

Started by Kenny87 on Dec 29, 2009 at 04:09 pm

I pretty much understand this courses, but I would like to learn of how to mess with green/blue screen where you use the chroma keyer to change the background into something different.


7:05 pm Thursday
Feb 4, 2010
(Continued from below) Adjust Matte Density to remove as much noise in the keyed areas as possible without creating 'holes' in the solid portions of your shot. Adjust Noise Removal to remove as much noise as possible. Change Output Type to Processed Foreground. This will preview your key. The solid portion of you picture may have blobs of purple or green around the edges and a purple or green cast overall. Adjust Spill Suppressor to remove blobs and cast as much as possible. 2 : Helpful Not Helpful
7:02 pm Thursday
Feb 4, 2010
In Final Cut Studio, right+click on your clip Choose 'Send to', then 'Motion'. In Motion, add the gamma filter and lower the setting by .05. Apply the Primatte RT Filter. Click on your clip below the preview window. Open the inspector tab. Click Filters in the inspector. For Output Type, choose Matte, to show which portion of the shot will be keyed out. From Auto Sample choose your key color: Red, Green or Blue. Take Noise Removal all the way down (continued in next comment) 2 : Helpful Not Helpful