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Adding Video Transitions

Runtime : 4:51   Views : 2694
Tiffany will show you how to fine tune your edit points with the Trim…
Runtime : 3:26   Views : 1850
Tiffany teaches you how to use various video transitions within Final…
Runtime : 4:28   Views : 1422
Tiffany shows you how to add a basic text title into your video in Final…
Runtime : 2:40   Views : 1372
Tiffany teaches how to add music from a CD or other source into your Final…
Runtime : 4:49   Views : 1410
Tiffany explains the basics of Color Correction in this lesson.
Runtime : 2:04   Views : 1191
Tiffany gives an overview of Audio Mixing in Final Cut. Part 1 of 3.
Runtime : 3:13   Views : 1208
Tiffany explains Absolute Audio Mixing in the three part series on Audio…
Runtime : 3:43   Views : 1070
Tiffany teaches you how to use Relative Audio Mixing in this last lesson…
Runtime : 1:51   Views : 1536
Francisco teaches you how to export a movie out of Final Cut to be used…
Runtime : 2:14   Views : 1943
Francisco shows you how to create a movie file that can be played on the…
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8:26 pm Thursday
Sep 22, 2011
My pleasure. Any time!
7:14 pm Thursday
Sep 22, 2011
Yes, that helped a lot..thanks again. I'm sure I will be bugging you again
7:02 pm Thursday
Sep 22, 2011
Great question! She did need to render it. When she dropped the 3D Cube Spin onto the edit point between the two shots, the top of the timeline ruler was just out of frame so that you can't see it. If it had been in the frame you would have seen a little red line just above that transition indicating that it needs to be rendered. (She must have rendered it just before the video cuts to wider shot of the same section). I hope this helps clarify rendering.
6:33 pm Thursday
Sep 22, 2011
Ok, but why didnt her transition need to be rendered? Thanks a lot for your help
6:27 pm Thursday
Sep 22, 2011
Hi MrBass, When you add a transition between two clips on your timeline, you are telling Final Cut to create something there. The computer needs to create a new piece of media just for that transition so that it can play. This is called rendering. If you make any changes to the rendered file, you'd need to re-render it since a new piece of media with your change will need to be created again.