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Courses > How To Make A Music Video
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How To Make A Music Video

Instructor: Francisco Aliwalas
Level III \ Duration 40:04 \ Released Aug 19, 2009

This course teaches you all you need to know to create a great music video. The course will go over the: overview, preparation, equipment, locations, hair - makeup - wardrobe - props, directing, shooting, editing, deliverables, and marketing.

About the Instructor

Francisco Aliwalas

As a producer, writer, director, cinematographer, and editor; I am a genuine hybrid. Having filmed throughout the world, I have made pieces for the Travel Channel, Discovery Asia, MTV, Google Travel, Current TV, Fuji TV, ESPN,, Ford Models, Conde Naste, Lucent, Aviation Week, Asia Society, Idealist, Common Ground, and the Association of Schools for Public Health. My films have screened in dozens of film festivals including Sundance, Hot Docs, and the Manila International Film Festival.

Lesson Viewed / Completed Duration
Introduction Comments (10) 1:37

Francisco gives an overview of the lessons covered in the course, How To Make A Music Video.

Preparation Comments (12) 3:51

In this lesson Francisco goes over the process of coming up with a concept.

Equipment Comments (8) 3:58
Francisco goes over the bare essentials when it comes to gear.
Locations Comments (2) 2:44
This lesson shows how a great location makes all the difference.
Hair - Makeup - Wardrobe - Props Comments (2) 4:34
This lesson teaches the importance of detail with hair, makeup, wardrobe, and props.
Directing Comments (6) 3:50
Francisco shows you the importance of confidence and energy when directing.
Shooting Comments (20) 6:10
Francisco shows you how to make your images sing.
Editing Comments (11) 4:35
This lessons walks you through the editing process of your music video.
Deliverables Comments (0) 3:09
This lesson shows you how to export and deliver your final product.
Marketing Comments (12) 2:45

This lesson goes over ways to promote and market your music video.

Buenos Dias Music Video Comments (6) 2:51

See the final product from Francisco's music video shoot.