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How To Make A Music Video by Francisco Aliwalas

Buenos Dias Music Video

Runtime : 1:37   Views : 12454
Francisco gives an overview of the lessons covered in the course, How…
Runtime : 3:51   Views : 7034
In this lesson Francisco goes over the process of coming up with a concept.
Runtime : 3:58   Views : 4182
Francisco goes over the bare essentials when it comes to gear.
Runtime : 2:44   Views : 3597
This lesson shows how a great location makes all the difference.
Runtime : 4:34   Views : 3026
This lesson teaches the importance of detail with hair, makeup, wardrobe,…
Runtime : 3:50   Views : 3417
Francisco shows you the importance of confidence and energy when directing.
Runtime : 6:10   Views : 3782
Francisco shows you how to make your images sing.
Runtime : 4:35   Views : 3503
This lessons walks you through the editing process of your music video.
Runtime : 3:09   Views : 2568
This lesson shows you how to export and deliver your final product.
Runtime : 2:45   Views : 2600
This lesson goes over ways to promote and market your music video.
Runtime : 2:51   Views : 1574
See the final product from Francisco's music video shoot.
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9:16 pm Thursday
Aug 29, 2013
In a few weeks from now, I'll be directing my first music video. I'll let you guys know when it's done. I've learned a lot from NYVS. I believe I have the confidence to execute now!
7:12 pm Sunday
Jul 22, 2012
Ilove it all from the begining to the end,and i will love going over and over it again,
6:09 pm Monday
May 14, 2012
Thank You for the Great course Francisco!
11:58 pm Monday
Oct 17, 2011
Thank you kabayan Isco! :)
9:03 pm Monday
Oct 10, 2011
Great to see the final result of how it has all come together from the introduction, picked up some good ideas. It wouldn't be the easiest of songs to create a video for, so great Job.