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What's New in iMovie '11 by Kelly Korzan

Movie Trailers

Runtime : 1:06   Views : 794
This lesson will give you an overview of the new features included in…
Runtime : 0:51   Views : 634
This lesson goes over the new Timeline view option in iMovie '11.
Runtime : 1:42   Views : 571
This lessons looks at the new audio editing features offered in iMovie…
Runtime : 3:13   Views : 563
This lesson goes over all of the One-Step effects now included in iMovie…
Runtime : 1:43   Views : 407
This lesson shows you how to use the People Finder feature in iMovie '11.
Runtime : 1:25   Views : 438
In this lesson you'll learn about the new Inspector features in iMovie…
Runtime : 5:01   Views : 486
This lesson shows you how to use the Movie Trailer feature in iMovie '11.
Runtime : 4:34   Views : 402
This lesson goes over all the different ways that you can share your movie.
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1:13 pm Monday
Oct 24, 2011
This is so cool. Tell me there is something similar for PC
8:40 pm Sunday
Apr 10, 2011
it is really great and good to no in case i get a mac computer
7:28 pm Sunday
Apr 10, 2011
Great hands down!!
10:21 pm Thursday
Apr 7, 2011
these are great learning tools. NYVS is the BEST.