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Windows Movie Maker

Instructor: Tiffany Burnett
Level I \ Duration 25:55 \ Released Aug 31, 2009

Want to make a movie with Windows Movie Maker? We can help you with this basic filmmaking editing course. Here you can learn how to navigate the Windows Movie Maker Interface, how to create a film project, how to import footage from a digital video tape, how to import footage from a tapeless camera, editing basics, how to add music to your movie, how to add narration to your film, how to adjust your audio, and how to export your completed video.

About the Instructor

Tiffany Burnett

I work as a digital filmmaker - producing, shooting, and editing video content here in New York City.  I've worked primarily producing travel content for the Travel Channel; but also work as a shooter/producer for various companies like the New York Post, Travelistic, and Current TV. I've found video to be the most effective form of storytelling, and I love the challenge of using something as simple as my camera and laptop to deliver a strong and meaningful message.

Lesson Viewed / Completed Duration
The Interface Comments (3) 3:37

A look at the interface of Windows Movie Maker for Vista.

Creating A Project Comments (0) 2:00

In this lesson you will learn how to create a new project in Windows Movie Maker.

Importing Footage From A Digital Video Tape Comments (0) 4:43

This lesson shows you how to bring in your video footage shot on a digital tape.

Importing Footage From A Tapeless Camera Comments (0) 2:30

This lesson shows you how to import footage from a tapeless camera.

Editing Basics Comments (0) 4:51

Every editing system has several ways to go about doing things, and Windows Movie Maker is no exception.

Adding Music Comments (0) 2:08

This lesson teaches you how to add music to your project using Windows Movie Maker.

Adding Narration Comments (0) 2:32

Narration can really help you tell the story of your movie, and Windows Movie Maker lets you add narration very easily.

Adjusting Your Audio Comments (0) 2:09

This lesson shows you how to adjust and mix your audio in Window Movie Maker.

Exporting Your Video Comments (1) 1:25

In this lesson, we're going to learn how to export your finished Movie from Windows Movie Maker as a file that can be used in Nero 9 to create a DVD.