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Courses > iMovie Introduction
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iMovie Introduction

Instructor: Tiffany Burnett
Level I \ Duration 40:37 \ Released Mar 31, 2009

Learn how to use Apple iMovie '08 in a simple, easy way that goes over all of the basics from capturing your video to editing to creating a DVD. Learn about: the iMovie interface, importing from a tape-based camera, importing from a tapeless camera, creating a project, different aspect ratios, previewing & selecting footage, the storyboard, trimming video, audio mixing, adding sound effects & music, and adding voiceover.


"iMovie is so simple and it came with my Mac - now I can make great videos and put them on YouTube easily."  - Alison, NY, NY

About the Instructor

Tiffany Burnett

I work as a digital filmmaker - producing, shooting, and editing video content here in New York City.  I've worked primarily producing travel content for the Travel Channel; but also work as a shooter/producer for various companies like the New York Post, Travelistic, and Current TV. I've found video to be the most effective form of storytelling, and I love the challenge of using something as simple as my camera and laptop to deliver a strong and meaningful message.

Lesson Viewed / Completed Duration
The iMovie Interface Comments (8) 3:49

iMovie lets you add music, effects, titles, graphics, voiceover and transitions to create a polished looking movie in no time!

Capturing Footage Automatically with a Tape Camera Comments (2) 5:43

iMovie can automatically capture and import all of your footage from a tape-based camera.

Capturing Footage Manually with a Tape Camera Comments (2) 3:55

You can manually capture and import all of your footage from a tape-based camera. If you have a tapeless camera, please refer to those lessons below and skip this lesson.

Capture Footage from a Tapeless Camera Comments (0) 5:31

You can easily import footage from your tapeless into iMovie using what you learn in this lesson.

Creating a Project Comments (3) 1:43

Before you start editing, you need to create a Project. One way to think about a project is to think of it is a movie, full of edits and multiple clips.

What is Aspect Ratio? Comments (1) 1:32

What is Aspect Ratio? The Aspect Ratio is a measurement of the shape of a video image, and is generally fullscreen or widescreen.

Previewing and Selecting Material Comments (0) 3:27

Viewing and selecting your footage is the first step into editing your film. What do you want to keep? What needs to be cut?

The Storyboard Comments (0) 2:02

Now you are going to start building your movie in iMovie. This is where the fun begins!

Trimming Comments (1) 1:58

You may notice that some shots are too long or too short that need to be fixed. The process of changing the length of a clip already in your movie is called trimming.

Audio: Part 1 Comments (0) 5:23

Video is only part of the story. There are some pretty cool ways to adjust your audio as well.

Audio: Part 2 Comments (3) 5:34

Now we will work with Sound Effects and Voice Over.