NYVS Instructors

The NYVS Instructors have decades of experience teaching video and have trained more than 20,000 people worldwide. The NYVS instructors have created the web's most comprehensive curriculum to learn to make and use video. Whether you are a seasoned video professional or just starting out with a newly purchased camera, you will be able to find lesson topics that will help you rapidly become an expert producer of high-quality videos and films.

Michael Rosenblum

For more than 22 years, Mr. Rosenblum has been on the cutting edge of the digital "video journalist" revolution. During this time, he has led a drive for video literacy and the complete rethinking of how television and online video is made and controlled.

Francisco Aliwalas

As a producer, writer, director, cinematographer, and editor; I am a genuine hybrid. Having filmed throughout the world, I have made pieces for the Travel Channel, Discovery Asia, MTV, Google Travel, Current TV, Fuji TV, ESPN, Match.com, Ford Models, Conde Naste, Lucent, Aviation Week, Asia Society, Idealist, Common Ground, and the Association of Schools for Public Health. My films have screened in dozens of film festivals including Sundance, Hot Docs, and the Manila International Film Festival.

Lisa Lambden

Lisa Lambden is the Managing Director of “Rosenblum TV”, running a group of media companies based in New York. Lisa also serves as both General Manager and Executive Producer for a group of hyper-local TV stations the company runs in partnership with Verizon. Lisa Lambden is the creator and Managing Director for New York Video School and a founding partner of “Travel Channel Academy”, Guardian Media Academy and WEtv Film School. A former BBC executive, Lisa has produced hundreds of hours of live news and cable TV programming both in the UK and the US. Since 2007, Lisa Lambden has been the Director of “Digital News Affairs”, a global digital media conference held each year in Brussels, Belgium. She has also managed and participated in digital training courses for a wide variety of clients, including McGraw Hill magazines, Conde Nast, the US Government and the government of St. Kitts and Nevis.

Kelly Korzan

Kelly Korzan is Head of Training for NYVS. She has taught video journalism all over the world including BBC England, Dutch Public Television, WKRN in San Diego, KRON in San Francisco and most recently for the Travel Channel Academy. She has also been an editor for over 15 years in New York and LA. Some of her credits include the Emmy Award winning "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" for Bravo, PBS's acclaimed reality series "Frontier House", MTV's "True Life", and the "5 Takes" series for the Travel Channel.

Debbie Szczepkowski

Deb Szczepkowski is an experienced digital video editor. She is one of Rosenblum TV's resident video editors, and has recently been cutting shows for Verizon FiOS along with writing and editing some of the instructional videos for NYVS.  Deb also has several 1st assistant editor credits working on documentaries both in New York and Los Angeles, including Independent Spirit Award winner "Crazy Love", and ESPN's "Black Magic".