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Wedding Videographer : Job

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Job details

  • Wedding Videographer
    • Desired start date: Sep 30, 2011
    Contact Submitter
  • Overview

    Hi there-

    My wife and I are getting married in TriBeCa on Friday, September 30th. We have most of the details in place, but would like to hire a videographer to record the event.

    To be clear, our intentions for this are mostly to be able to enjoy the event after the fact. We don't need anything incredibly professional or highly edited (though we would like it to be as high quality as is reasonable). Price will be the driving factor, but we both do some freelance work and are willing to offer fair compensation, especially for a student, budding filmmaker, or someone starting out and looking to build a portfolio.

    If you are interested, please send an email with the following:
    1) your contact info
    2) a brief background/resume
    3) your price for shooting 6 hours on the wedding date, minor editing (at your discretion), and 3 DVDs
    4) something cool/interesting about yourself

    Thanks in advance!

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