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Free Photography Resource Thursday- PIXIQ by darkallison -- June 16, 2011 Welcome to this week's free photography Thurday. I've had a truly busy week with no time to post so; so I thought I'd share with you one of THE MOST AWESOME sites on the Internet for photography criticism I love this site for too m... More »
Free Photography Resources Thursday- Digital Photography School by darkallison -- June 2, 2011 So, why should you learn photography? If you are busy learning video production and how to use a video camera learning one more thing probably sounds really daunting.However, film and video cameras are moving photographs (30 shots per second).Sim... More »
Wednesday Bitching-Whining and crying for fun and profit! by darkallison -- June 1, 2011 Ok so I said I would wait til Wednesday to have a once a week bitch fest.Here goes, first I hate the fact that my computer is broken. I'm soo very tired of having to beg people for computer time.I feel like this weird drunk guy I see downtown shout... More »


This is Boston Not LA by darkallison -- May 26, 2011  An independent, low budget/no budget group dedicated to the ... More »
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hacking,writing,cooking,jewelry making, altered art and collage, creative alchemy,tantra and doll making
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The Hunger, Clockwork Orange, Pink Floyd's The Wall, Labirynth, Star Wars,Apocolypse Now,
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Punk,Goth, electronica, dance hall reggae,raver house,IMDB,Noise,Industrial
Favorite Books
The Book of The Law, Naked Lunch, Stranger in A strange Land, This Island Earth,anything by Asimov,Ray Bradbury, and William Gibson