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123LastNext does content deals with YouTube, NBC and others As part of this deal, will be able to place ads on thier users videos on Youtube.   The question I have is this - are they planning on sharing that revenue back with the creators of the content?    If so, we're starting to see the accelerating… posted by acollmer

Tongal's Crowdsourcing Competitions Tongal is an intersting new business that gives people who know how to make videos a chance to put their skills to work and earn thousands of dollars.   And if that's not enough, a lot of these videos are actually pretty funny!   posted by acollmer

Why Conventional TV is Dead We’ll be back… maybe… Don’t get me wrong, I like Charlie Rose. I think he does a good job and puts on a good show. He even had me as a guest once, so how can I say anything negative? However…. Taking the Amtrak down to DC on Wednesday night,… posted by michael

Demand Media maximizes Video, sacrifices quality. This is a great article from Wired which brings readers into a day-in-the-life of on of Demand Media's "film-maker" freelancers. It's quite compelling and makes you vacillate between thinking… posted by cara

Why Local TV News is Dead For several years now I have been posting on It's a site for professional cameramen. Most of them don't particularly like me, but I have a lot of respect for many of them. The work hard, but their industry is changing and fast. It's not… posted by michael

YouTube Offering $100,000 Prize for Video that is Actually Good This is obviously a joke, but I think that the subject matter is actually right on the money.   How much longer will unedited videos of cats falling off TVs be good enough to garner millions of views?   My guess is that as services like the NYVS… posted by acollmer

ABC Sees A Digital Future Do you think they have enough cameras on that boat? In 1988 we introduced the concept of VJ Newsgathering in Norway at TV Bergen. In 1990 we did it with NY1 in New York for Time/Warner. In 1993 we did it in London with Channel 1 and in Switzerland with… posted by michael

Why PBS Still Does Not Get It   Thirteen is still an unlucky number… Full disclosure: My very first job in TV was with PBS at Channel 13. That would be WNET/13, the PBS station in New York. I was a production assistant on a public affairs show out of Newark, New Jersey. So… posted by michael

An Obituary for Professional Photographers Definitely don’t move… Margaret Bourke-White was on the cutting edge of a lot of change. She was a woman photographer when there were almost none. She was a war correspondent, photog for Life Magazine, member of Magnum. She traveled the globe with… posted by michael

USA TODAY DUMBS DOWN (Is that even possible?) The Pulitzer Prize for the best investigative paragraph... OK So here's the situation: You have newspapers, magazines and TV stations that need more and more content as the web and iPhones continue to consume stuff all the time. At the same time, you… posted by michael