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How NPR Was Screwed In The Edit - The Power of Video What You Didn't See: NPR Execs...Proud of GOP Past, Love Fiscal Conservatism, Compare Fairness Doctrine to Communist Russia & De from Naked Emperor News on Vimeo. What you didn't see... On March 9th, Ron Schiller, former fundraiser for NPR (and a few… posted by michael

How To Be A Rockefeller of Video John D. Rockefeller I am reading TITAN, THELIFEOF JOHNDROCKEFELLER by Ron Chernow. This is a fascinating and absolutely captivating book, but also one with lessons for those of us in the burgeoning video business. Rockefeller started as a very poor… posted by michael

There's Lots of Really Bad Advice Out There NO, NO and NO! Yesterday, I got a tweet from my friend (and in the Facebook age, aren't we all friends?) @profsamuels, (he's a prof at NYU but also works at CNN, so says his Facebook page. We have never met in the 'real world'.) In any event, Profsamuels,… posted by michael

What's a Library? Library under construction - along with a 50 story hotel and condo.... I live across the street from a library... or at least what used to be a library. The Donnell Library on West 53rd Street. Today, it is a big hole in the ground. There is going… posted by michael

That's Entertainment! Or News... Or Both... Coming soon to a theater new year… and a museum, apparently… In 1985, Neil Postman wrote what would become the epitaph for our age: Amusing Ourselves to Death. In it he postulated that as television and video became more and more ubiquitous,… posted by michael