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A Vlog about sledding indoors February 24th This is an indoor extreme video - or at least that's how a 17 month old boy feels about it. posted by acollmer

seek adventure videos... amazing video posted by Mando

Day 1 - My This is my first shot, obviously I need to learn about the steady hand and not to zoom. Consider this the "Before" video! Pretty cute subject though - lots to work with! posted by jhowso

A vlog and a video Let's see how this works... posted by MaryElaine

Mics on Tiny Casio Digital Cameras I have to admit that every time I watch this video I'm amazed at how sensitive the mic is on my little Casio Exilim EX-S770. The quality of the wave sound that it is able to capture from 700 feet up is simply amazing. So much for needing an extension… posted by acollmer

Interesting Demonstration of Power of 3D Imagery in Communication People often times try to explain the roller coaster nature of real estate values over the long-term. However, I think that looking at charts often doesn't really sink in for most folks. This is a clever video that someone made using the video game… posted by acollmer

The Video Revolution Has Arrived Video is the most powerful medium the world has ever experienced. Last year, the average American spent 4.5 hours a day, every day, watching TV. We also spend 8.5 hours a day watching screens. Now, as video comes to the web, more and more of that screen… posted by lisa

FOX JOINS MYSPACE FOR USER GENERATED VIDEO Fox News, MySpace Team For User Generated Content Fox News' uReport to launch on MySpace By Alex Weprin -- Broadcasting & Cable, 4/20/2009 9:48:35 AM MT Fox News and fellow News Corp. property MySpace are teaming up to create a user generated content… posted by michael

New Careers in Video New Careers in video are popping up every day. Last night, we had drinks with Guardian NY correspondent Ed Pilkington, who mentioned that he was writing a feature for the paper on both the collapse of the old media order and the rise of the new one.… posted by michael

You MUST Be Video Literate Conde Nast is Streaming 5 Million Videos a Month! If you expect to have any sort of career in anything related to media of any kind, you must be video literate. It's that simple: posted by michael