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You MUST Be Video Literate Conde Nast is Streaming 5 Million Videos a Month! If you expect to have any sort of career in anything related to media of any kind, you must be video literate. It's that simple: posted by michael

Online Video Now Exceeds Emails! Video Viewing Exceeds E-mail Use, Nielsen Reports Visitors to video sites now exceeds users of Web-based e-mail, according to a report released today by The Nielsen Company. The study reports on monthly unique visits to various Web sites and online… posted by michael

Youtube Hits 100 Million US Viewers in One Month YouTube in Numbers: 1 Month, 100 Million US Viewers, 6.3 Billion Videos March 5th, 2009 | by Stan Schroeder13 Comments comScore’s online video numbers for the US in January are out, and YouTube () is, unsurprisingly, doing great again. In January,… posted by michael

Travel Channel Academy in USA TODAY [removed]OAS_AD("Links1");[removed] [removed]OAS_AD("Poster3");[removed] [removed][removed] [removed]OAS_AD("PosterBig");[removed] [removed]OAS_AD("VerticalBanner");[removed] [removed]OAS_AD("Links2");[removed] [removed][removed] [removed] [removed]… posted by michael

VOOKED I just completed an online survey for the beta test of VOOK Vook is touted to be the next generation of Kindle digital books, except this time they can handle video as well as text. We'll see. But the concept is clearly tantelizing. My hope is that VOOK… posted by michael

What Makes a "Master of the Universe"? Masters of the Universe, ca. 1526…2008 The portrait above left is Sir Thomas More done by Hans Holbein the Younger around 1526. At the right, Steve Jobs. More was the Privy Counselor to King Henry VIII, the number two guy in the country. Jobs is the… posted by michael

TODAY's TECH TALK WHEN 35mm MEETS VIDEO Panasonic’s Lumix GH1 By David Pogue / NY Times Today in my Times column, I reviewed Panasonic’s Lumix GH1, a sort of camera/video hybrid thingie. It’s an absolutely amazing machine that breaks ground in several places. For… posted by michael

APPLE iTABLET DRIVES VIDEO CONTENT THROUGH CEILING Apple's giant iPhone Inside sources say that Apple is about to release what is essentially a giant iPhone, one that will carry both text and video. The expected release in May is going to create a whole new raft of video driven applications, and make… posted by michael

The Mouse Starts To Look For New Cheese Sources The Disney Corporation, facing an astonishing 97% drop in revenues has announced that it is 'looking beyond the studio model'. High time. There is a whole world of creative people with video cameras and edit software who are filled with ideas. Disney… posted by michael