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Bill Gurley on the Changing Landscape in Video A friend of mine named Brian Phillips shared this video with me.   This is from a recent presentation by Bill Gurley (Benchmark Capital) at the AlwaysOnHollywood Conferecne.    It's a very interesting presentation and is definitley worth a watch.  … posted by acollmer

Abstract Oil Paint Artist Laura Edwards I spent the day watching Laura Edwards work on a new commissioned piece and talked to her about her roots, her work, and her unique style. Laura is an inspiring Abstract oil painter working out of a noisy studio in the historic Torpedo Factory in old… posted by chrispaniagua

iPhone Video a Game Changer The new Apple iPhone and the promised G4 soon to be released... both will be driven primarily by video. Some have called the new video based phone 'a tv studion in the palm of your hand'. It even has some simple built in edit features. Estimates are… posted by michael

How To Start a Wedding Video Business Here's a link to a great article on how to build your own online video business posted by michael

Jack Welch Invests in Online School - Who's Next? When Jack Welch starts investing in for-profit online schools, the thought that jumps to my mind, is what kind of school can other people start? As more and more people learn how to make compelling videos, what is standing in the way of them starting… posted by acollmer

Video on Creativity and Education I was working on a video short about creativity several years ago. We created a ten minute rough cut and screened it at a monthly video and short film screening. The screening was probably the best part of the whole process, to see people's reactions… posted by marshall

CBS Local Producer Shoots Story With iPhone Gio Benitez.... producer... VJ Gio Benitez, a producer at CBS4, the local TV station in Doral, Florida, shot his entire local news story on his iPhone, then cut the piece on FCP on his laptop and delivered it for air. OK, the cutting on FCP is no breakthrough… posted by michael

Video and Photography at Brook Catch the wave... This week we are running a 4-day video seminar at the Brooks Photography Institute in Santa Barbara, California. We have a long standing partnership with Brooks. Brooks is the pre-eminent still photography school in the US, but we're… posted by michael

Travel Channel Academy in Santa Barbara Students at the Travel Channel Academy in Santa Barbara this week get real hands on shooting and editing experience. The Academy is a partnership with The Travel Channel, and once they graduate, students are affiliated with the channel and hired to start… posted by michael

How To Make Great Home Videos While many people may want a career in video, many others just want to learn to make better home video. There is nothing better than taking our video camera on vacation, or to your kid's birthday party. There is nothing worse than having to watch bad… posted by michael