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File format
I am new to Video and have purchased a Canon XF100 HD Camcorder. I understand Canon records the video file as a MXF file. In order to edit the video I have to convert the file to either:
MPEG 2,…
started by FirstResponse1999 , 444 views

Ideal Share/Export Settings for an audio Slideshow in iMovie
Does anyone have a good knowledge on the best options to choose when creating a audio slideshow -- all stills -- when using the "export to quicktime" option? I want to insure the photos dont' degrade…
started by dg5 in Course What's New in iMovie '11 , 915 views

Is iphone camera better than for example canon legria HF M46 ?
 Is iphone camera better than for example canon legria HF M46 ?
started by chaver , 823 views

How-To Create a video on corporate policy
I have recently seen a boring corporate policy come to life with what looked like Flash. Whar are some ways to make corporate policy come to life?
started by jenniferkouyou in Group Internal Corporate Videos for all purposes , 161 views

Small Business Video Ads and Youtube
Here comes the flood I hope....
started by monkeybrush in Course Michael's Screenworld , 237 views

final cut pro studio
Is this video editing package standard in the industry. For example out of 10 video production houses will 7 of them use final cut as their main piece of software?
started by bigarttman in Course Top 5 Reasons to Use Final Cut Pro Studio , 1072 views

Gain Query...
Jeremy - Firstly great course. I have the same camera as you use in much of this course - the Sony HVR-Z1. Can you clarify how to increase gain, as I think my switch has died. Is it with the small metal…
started by RobTaylor in Course Camera - Intermediate , 507 views

Selecting the right camera
I will be purchasing a camera to record my son's marching band. This is something I will be doing for the next 3 years and want to gett a camera I can grow in to. I have a budget of about…
started by SABendle , 484 views

Creating graphics for use in creatign a package
Here is a way to create graphics for use in a project!

I use Powerpoint where you can animate a slide and also save as an AVI file.

Once created and saved as an AVI file,…
started by lenclark , 390 views

PANASONIC HDC SD700 full HD/ can't view video on laptop
PANASONIC HDC SD700 full HD 1920x1080 progressive

I bought this camera one year ago and I experience problems when I want to edit what I filmed. I must say I don't know how to use…
started by sconia , 818 views