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Contest Sites to Make $$$
I'd like to hear what sites people like for contests to make money now that I know how to make good videos. Here are some that I've found: Tongal Spotrunner
started by acollmer , 988 views

i would like a class on making video application for the iphone,lot of money there, it takes only 1 app.
started by carolsmith , 621 views

NYVS Needs Your Help to Shape NYVS!

NYVS wants its members to shape the direction of where we take the site.  We want your help to make NYVS the most valuable experience possible and to be the best online community for learning…
started by dternan , 800 views

How to make and deliver secure screeners.

Send movies, promos and television screeners through a protected download environment. is a movie screener download center created for film industry…
started by FBIscreeners , 1787 views

Is it smarter to focus on TV, or think in terms of Web TV?
It seems like the idea of making money making TV is now a bit outdated. Sure, it's still a big business, but it seems that making and launching web programming is a more compelling opportunity these days.…
started by acollmer in Group Make Money Making TV , 487 views

Where the Money is in the Video Industry
On the marketing side - Do you know of anyone needing video from Ireland what with Patricks Day coming up. We're on the ground here.
started by Christinechill in Course Where the Money is in the Video Industry , 336 views

Selecting the right camera
I will be purchasing a camera to record my son's marching band. This is something I will be doing for the next 3 years and want to gett a camera I can grow in to. I have a budget of about…
started by SABendle , 484 views

Getting a Sitcom Pilot Accepted
I am currently finishing a 22 minute sitcom. I am curious if anyone knows how to get a sitcom accepted by a network. Also, any ideas for making money without a network. And thirdly, does anyone know of…
started by AJe in Group Make Money Making TV , 393 views