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Developing projects - What is a treatment?
I have the shooting & editing skills - I've done stories that are short self generated projects, but I'm now pushing to do more serious paid video content - I keep hearing about creating a treatment…
started by cliffetzel , 2278 views

Format of general travel pieces
Hey, I'm getting into travel VJ work, and I'm a little confused. I love Michael's approach of focusing on a person and telling a 3-5 min story... but if I'm hired to provide five 3-5 minute pieces about…
started by pnoeric , 875 views

VJ's, Producers, Editors

If you are a VJ, Producer or Editor and you know how to produce content, we may have something you will be interested in.

If you have completed projects, i.e. shorts or full length shows; if…
started by Kevin , 1094 views

video file compression

 What am i doing wrtong. I have created some short videos and I would lie to upload them to the web. However, I am having troule getting the file small enough. It always comes out around 600 MB…
started by Danny703 , 820 views

Formal Cinematography Course VS. NYVS

 Two weekends ago I was helping out a friend with a short film she's making for a film class. She told me about a weekend film workshop they were going to have at the University about Cinematography.…
started by susanamatos , 1283 views

making a video profile of Realtor
I am a real estate agent and I would love for someone to help me organize a short into video of me that I can create to post on my website. I would want it to be no more than a couple of minutes . Any…
started by Ericjoel in Group Real-Estate Brokers , 459 views



I am very new to video and was wondering if anyone had done any timelapse video? Is it just a case of a lot of hours filming then speeding up the edit or is it edited at very short intervals.…
started by sylviasue , 555 views

Making tutorial videos?

I am really enjoying this site, I have just joined and have already learned so much from the lessons.

My reason for learning about video is I would like to produce some tutorial videos for my…
started by ddeegan , 404 views

From Northern Ireland, new to NYVS
Hi guys, the site is fantatic, only stumbled upon it while looking for tutorials on FCpro. Anyway, I'm here to let everyone see a short film myself and my co-writer filmed in the summer, entitled 'And…
started by Blowfelt in Group YouTube Dominators , 226 views

Is there any type of magical editing script to get one started m
 Also, what would a good and solid shooting sequence to create great travel/ destination videos (i.e. Michaels 5 shot sequence). Or, in other words does the Samantha Brown or Rick Steve's type show…
started by bhisgen , 558 views