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Video Upload?
does anyone know when we'll be able to start uploading videos?
started by acollmer in Group Extreme Filmmaking , 662 views

How do my animation clips look?
This is a discussion board for the video quality of these posted clips.
started by acollmer in Group Extreme Filmmaking , 815 views

How long should a video home tour ideally be?
I'm trying to figure out how long I should make my home tour videos. I want to give people enough to make a decision, but not too much so that I bore the hell out of them.
started by acollmer in Group Real-Estate Brokers , 1116 views

Should cuss-words appear in videos? ;-)
Michael's Fly Fishing video features a well-placed cussword. And by coincidence, so does mine. I can vouch that Michael’s own language is spiced with choice words used for emphasis. Entertaining, but…
started by kristyholch in Group Friends of Rosenblum , 1283 views

Freelance VJ rates?
How much should we charge for original video content on news websites? I would be interested in hearing from anyone with experience in this area!
started by joewolf in Group Freelance Video Journalists , 1746 views

What kind of video camera is best for ski videos?
I'm preparing for a ski trip to Argentina and am looking for some good advice.
started by ninarc in Group Extreme Filmmaking , 1840 views

Windows Movie Maker
There appears to be a small problem in the sequences of the Audio and Narration videos. At the end of each segment the instructor refers to the next video in the incorrect order. An easy fix to correct!
started by fairlight in Course Windows Movie Maker , 1456 views

Developing projects - What is a treatment?
I have the shooting & editing skills - I've done stories that are short self generated projects, but I'm now pushing to do more serious paid video content - I keep hearing about creating a treatment…
started by cliffetzel , 2279 views

Converting video files easily
Can someone recommend the best software to convert video files from flv to mov and mp4 to mpeg4? I use the firefox plug-in to download, but the conversion function isn't working.
started by cara , 1112 views

Learning from some great video at Vimeo
Take a look at this photomotion piece and read the thread of comments to learn what programs to use and good tricks to make your stuff good.
started by cara in Group Photomotion , 645 views