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Herring on Saturdays


Each Saturday we take our son to the town market to eat a herring.
This is a typical Dutch tradition, that you probably have to be grown up with.

I am really anctious for your feedback.
Should I leave out the bin- and stairs footage? Does it need additional subtitles to support the clip?

Thanks in advance for your helpfull comments...

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Eating Fruit

I bought a camera last friday and did a crash course on NYVS on shooting and editing this weekend. This is my first result and it is about my wive and 2,5 year old son eating fruit. She tells about how he enjoys eating fruits and how she values these ordinary moments with him. Obviously filming is not yet 100% and I already noticed editing issues. However I love to give a twist like this to regular home video.
please rate and comment..

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Upload to YouTube
Francisco shows you how to easily get your video onto YouTube, what information you should include to maximize your exposure, and how to share it with family and friends.
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Charlie Skiing Pow in UT #1
Charlie (now 10yrs old) skiing some big pow-dah in Park City, Utah this spring.
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A weekend at 2009 Scottish Highland Games - Las Vegas - Chris Paniagua - ThrillofAdventurecom
I spent the weekend at the annual Las Vegas Scottish Highland Games at Floyd Lamb park. Every year the community comes together to celebrate all things Scotland. As many as 10,000 people attend the festival, including families and representatives from many of the official clans of Scotland. You can also find many traditional vendors selling their wares. For many the highlight of the event is the athletic competition. Young, Old, Professional, Amateur, Men and Women all compete in up to 5 traditional athletic events. In the Food
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Seven Brides Brewery - Organic Oregon Beer
Three dads, two uncles and seven little girls make up this award-winning, family-run, micro-brewery that has taken the Pacific Northwest by storm! Seven Brides Brewing Company is a fun place to visit and enjoy a cold refreshing beer.
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Jump Zone
I shoot video for my church and this one I got the whole family involved. My concept for an entertainment production company is to have veterans and/or their family members produce projects together. This was sort of a test run of that idea. Shoot w/my Canon HF100 on cam mic, no additional lighting.
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Family Visit to Virginia Beach
Melanie and her family visit Virginia Beach.
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A little vid me and the kids shot a while back that I thought I would upload after seeing Charlie Parson's vid with his kids. We had a lot of fun making this, used the old camera though, not the Hi Def Canon. The last scene is the funniest thanks to a great sound effect. Music
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The Beard Question
The same question was propsed at a family reunion of the Beard's. The vedo is the answers.
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