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Stop for a Minute - At the Park

The beginning of my "Stop for a Minute" series. This series is short one minute videos that cause you to "Stop for a Minute" and enjoy the simple things in life. This one was shot handheld with a single JVC GY-HM100 with .7 WA lens (which got a little dirty... apple fingers??). Some simple grading was obviously done as well. Excuse the cheesy transition (you'll see it). I was experimenting with using video filters as transitions. Please feel free to comment... feedback is welcome.

  0 comments. Runtime : NA, uploaded by jaynet

Snaggin the Lombardi
As an entry in a contest being held by Papa John's Corporate to kick off the partnership between Papa John's Pizza and the NFL, I, as a Franchisee, created this video and rap song hoping that at the very least you will get a laugh and a smile. Life is too short not to kick back and just have some fun. Even if its cheesy. So love life! We love life, we love the NFL, and we love great pizza! Thanks to NYVS for that those extra little bits of info that are helping boost my skills.
  7 comments. Runtime : NA, uploaded by hensleymph

The Garifuna Culture

A short documentary I made when I started in filiming. (pay no attention to he "Laid Back Productions" bumper)

  2 comments. Runtime : NA, uploaded by milguity

Pearl of the South
A short video about Puerto Rico's second largest city- Ponce
  2 comments. Runtime : NA, uploaded by susanamatos

Credit Awareness Video

This is a short video I made with a friend of mine for a Financial Awareness competition. We won 2nd place and it was held by the Puerto Rico Bank Association. The purpose of the video was to raise awareness to teens about financial issues. 

Sorry for the subtitles but the video had to be in spanish. 

  4 comments. Runtime : NA, uploaded by susanamatos

Paradigm Shift Teaser Trailer
This is a teaser trailer to a short film I am DPing for. We haven't even began production on the actual film, but I felt it was important to at least do some test shooting. This, like my güitees video was shot on my iPhone 4.
  3 comments. Runtime : NA, uploaded by milguity

PAIN AND SORROW the movie trailer
Pain and Sorrow was my very first short. i never attended film school. i just watched the behind the scenes of movies on dvd. i was told i couldnt do it every time i brought up the idea of the script. believing myself and dertmined i did it and very proud of it. alot of blood and sweat went in to this. it took me 6 months to complete dealing with everyone time schedule.. i guess i proved them wrong...
  5 comments. Runtime : NA, uploaded by angeluvp

Stickman Death 2 The Revenge Trailer
This is a preview of a little short film that I am creating.
  4 comments. Runtime : NA, uploaded by scholiday87

Happy Trails Mountain Bike
Here is a short film I made for an Italian friend of mine this summer. It's to promote his mtb business - I'm curious to see what the critical eyes of nyvs will have to say!
  5 comments. Runtime : NA, uploaded by delrosga

Fishing Memories
Viewer is given a short scenario of a fishing day on Michigan's Muskegon River. Music was added to fit the action taking place.
  4 comments. Runtime : NA, uploaded by HAMMY1