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Z box
First film made by me 3 years back. i have used 3d and composited it with live shoot
  3 comments. Runtime : NA, uploaded by motionarcs

Live Life On YOUR Terms I keep a video camera with me constantly. This is one of my favorite edited videos.
  0 comments. Runtime : NA, uploaded by Nicklogantv

NASA Video - The Shuttle
This is some amazing video of the launch of the Shuttle during its 30 year run. These videos are in the national domain- as you tax dollars paid for them. But it could use some real editing. There's great potential here.
  0 comments. Runtime : NA, uploaded by michael

Me Emborracho Music Video

First music Video Cassanova - Me Emborracho

Learned, shot and edited everything within 2 week span. Thank you NYVS for all the tutorials! Although I have a lot to work on for future projects  I learned everything through the shooting, editing, and storytelling tutorials :-) Thank you KellyKorzan for the help also!

This video will be used for promotion in Ecuador.


  12 comments. Runtime : NA, uploaded by CRungoo

Importing Video From a Tape Camera
In this lesson we're going to learn how to import video footage from a tape camera into Windows Live Movie Maker.
  0 comments. Runtime : 2:33, uploaded by AdamB

Eating Fruit

I bought a camera last friday and did a crash course on NYVS on shooting and editing this weekend. This is my first result and it is about my wive and 2,5 year old son eating fruit. She tells about how he enjoys eating fruits and how she values these ordinary moments with him. Obviously filming is not yet 100% and I already noticed editing issues. However I love to give a twist like this to regular home video.
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  2 comments. Runtime : NA, uploaded by roninthecode

Bad Video, Cool Cat
My 4 year old cat was run over by a car tonight. I threw this video together in 10 minutes with 10% editing. Zo's 3 minutes of fame. No critiques, please. Just wanted to share and grieve. I imagine there are some cat people out there.
  2 comments. Runtime : NA, uploaded by TrainerAustin

Home Alone with the Terminator Too!
Just for kicks, a video I made in '93 using the old method of running two VCRs side by side to edit. With today's equipment I would like to make a short version of this concept.
  4 comments. Runtime : NA, uploaded by TopAbbott

One-Step Effects

This lesson goes over all of the One-Step effects now included in iMovie '11.

  0 comments. Runtime : 3:13, uploaded by Kelly

All About Oceanside - Main Street Oceanside
I was editing a video for a client and I was uninspired so I went looking for some interesting music to put into the timeline. I looked in my music folder and I saw a group of tunes labeled "untitled". On a fluke a grabbed one and I pulled this out. It is Earl Thomas and The Blues Ambassadors playing at a club that I recorded last year. I had a sound engineer for that one, Tom Yearsley. When I started putting B-roll together I said this song cries out for a pretty girl. And there she was.
  6 comments. Runtime : NA, uploaded by joemichaels