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The Tip of the Iceberg for Video College Applications

The New York Times today wrote an interesting article today on Tufts University's decision allow videos in college applications.    The key takeaways:   # Out of 15,000 total applications, 1,000 had video in the first year of the progam. # 60% of the video applications came from women.   If this is what happens in the first year, I wonder how quickly the majority of college applications will have video?   Check out one of the video submissions here (do you think she could have used the NYVS?):  

Tags : Tufts , College , Resume

YouTube Offering $100,000 Prize for Video that is Actually Good

This is obviously a joke, but I think that the subject matter is actually right on the money.   How much longer will unedited videos of cats falling off TVs be good enough to garner millions of views?   My guess is that as services like the NYVS continue educating people how to make quality videos, it won't be long before it has to be good in order for people to watch it. YouTube Contest Challenges Users To Make A 'Good' Video

Tongal's Crowdsourcing Competitions

Tongal is an intersting new business that gives people who know how to make videos a chance to put their skills to work and earn thousands of dollars.   And if that's not enough, a lot of these videos are actually pretty funny! does content deals with YouTube, NBC and others

As part of this deal, will be able to place ads on thier users videos on Youtube.   The question I have is this - are they planning on sharing that revenue back with the creators of the content?    If so, we're starting to see the accelerating emergence of a money-making model for video creators who know what they're doing.  

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Jack Welch Invests in Online School - Who's Next?

When Jack Welch starts investing in for-profit online schools, the thought that jumps to my mind, is what kind of school can other people start? As more and more people learn how to make compelling videos, what is standing in the way of them starting their own online schools?    My answer - not much. Here's to the New York Video School helping to give hundreds of entrepreneurs the tools they need to help teach interested people around the world more about thier area of expertise - and get pa

Tags : Jack , Welch , School , for-profit
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