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Date & Time 26 July 2011, 3:39 pm

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Whitney Young alumni formed a non-profit organization called Whitney Young Dolphins Making a Difference (WYDMAD) for the purpose of serving Chicago Public School students in need. We felt that by establishing a coalition of like-minded graduates, we could have a significant impact of the lives of children. You can help us make a DIFFERENCE! Join Us or Donate How You Can Help Join WYDMAD Give a tax-deductible financial contribution Mentor or tutor a student Participate in a WYDMAD workshop Volunteer tim

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NYVS Critique

Kelly Aug 19, 2011, 03:53pm 1 : Helpful Not Helpful

The open is just stunning! at 1:14 when you cut to the woman talking about the organization with b-roll shots over her, be sure to include the b-roll audio, even if it's dipped down quite low, rather than removing it entirely (same thing at 5:35). You might also want to add a subtle music track under this section as well to help keep the momentum of the piece going. At the end of the piece, why not go back to your opening music and some of those images, ending again with the "if not you then who" image that you have there? Nice job!


8:14 am Thursday
Sep 8, 2011
thank you Kelly Helpful Not Helpful
2:17 pm Tuesday
Aug 9, 2011
I use Adobe cs5 pro and After Effects Helpful Not Helpful
12:02 pm Monday
Aug 8, 2011
What program did you use for this? Helpful Not Helpful